Firm Ground (FG) boots are highly popular and well-suited for dry, hard natural grass fields. Although they can be utilized on certain types of artificial turf like 3G Astroturf, doing so increases the risk of injury and may reduce the boot's lifespan. Puma provide a FG/AG soleplate, offering a hybrid outsole suitable for both firm natural surfaces and artificial grass.

For optimal performance on artificial (3G) surfaces, it's recommended to use Artificial Ground (AG) football boots designed specifically for such terrain. AG football boots feature shorter and hollow studs, providing superior grip and easier dislodgment compared to FG boots on artificial surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

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Leather boots, like the PUMA King or Nike Premier, offer comfort and reliability. Synthetic boots are lighter, faster, and don't absorb water. Knitted boots, like a Nike Mercurials, are the lightest and fastest but usually come at a higher price. Each material has its advantages, so choose based on personal preferences and playing style.

Check our handy Bootfinder to find the perfect boot for you.

Authentic shirts are designed for on the pitch and are the jerseys that the stars take to the pitch in — ‘authentic’ shirts feature a sleeker, athletic fit, lightweight and stretchy fabric, and heat-transferred badges. Replicas, on the other hand, are made for comfortable wear, featuring a more relaxed fit, breathable fabric with fewer ventilation holes, and usually feature embroidered badges.

Yes! We offer the option to personalise your football shirts to make them truly unique. Whether you want to add your name, a favourite player's name, or even your own lucky number, we've got you covered. Our personalisation service starts at just 125 AED. Aiming for the ultimate fan look? You can take it up a notch by adding the prestigious badges to your kit to your kit too such as the Premier League sleeve badge or the Club World Champions badge. 

Pre-Match Shirt, also referred to as a warm-up kit, is a crucial part of football attire today. It's the clothing players wear before a game to warm up their bodies. It's designed to be comfortable and easy to move in.

An anthem jacket is worn by a team as they step onto the field, and it remains part of their attire during the pre-kickoff anthem ceremonies.

Goalie glove fit varies based on personal preference. Some prefer a stiffer glove for better control, while others opt for a looser fit to ensure full finger mobility. For superior finger protection, seek gloves with flexible plastic supports instead of just padding.

Some lean towards a negative cut for its finger flexibility, while others choose a roll cut for its snug fit and natural shaping for catching. Another option for pro goalkeepers is the “hybrid cut," which integrates multiple cut styles into a single glove to cater to their individual requirements.