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Original DNA Goals For Everyone

From Barcelona to the world

The geometric shapes pay homage to Barcelona's modern street art and the unique architecture sprawled throughout the football-crazed city. The street-inspired graffiti streaks honour its burgeoning street kickabout game scene.

Exceptional touch

Nike Gripknit is a sticky material that provides exceptional touch to the ball. It covers the striking area of the boot, stretching from the big-toe side all the way across the laces to the little toe, allowing clean boot-to-ball kicks. It moulds to the shape of your foot and gives you great grip in wet or dry conditions. Micro-moulding texture works with Gripknit to help form to your foot for even better boot-to-ball strikes.

Quick traction

The Nike Cyclone 360 traction pattern helps you make quicker (improved agility when making cuts) and confident (helps reduce rotational traction) movements, so you can cut with speed while feeling fully secure when the game's intensity turns up.

Snug fit

Asymmetric lacing offers a large touch surface when dribbling, passing and scoring. A repositioned lacing pattern allows for increased midfoot adjustability to accommodate players with flatter or higher arches. The asymmetrical Flyknit cuff material provides snugness and shape around your ankle. Subtle ribs in the cuff allow for ball contact higher up the ankle in trapping and passing.

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